Fyodor Bondarchuk again came out with Paulina Andreeva

And Svetlana Bondarchuk did not hesitate, faced with her ex-husband and his new fiancee

At the premiere of her new film Director Rezo Gigineishvili has collected an impressive number of star guests. Popular actors and Actresses, famous Directors and TV stars were very happy to see each other and sometimes resembled a chorus class after a long vacation. Znamenitka looked, talked and collected rumors.

In the foyer guests were greeted with champagne and snacks, which, however, few paid attention. The stars were busy socializing and demonstration of new outfits, and luckily, the photographers were not lacking.

One of the first on the show came to the film Director Rezo Gigineishvili. He arrived alone, but his wife Nadezhda Mikhalkov appeared an hour later, and for some reason didn’t want to do a joint photo. Secular know-it-alls again discussed the rumors that the celebrity couple for some time since they broke up, and noted that even at official events they are trying to keep a distance. However, perpetrating rumors again gave no comment. Rezo said that the time no social life, no rest he is not. “Home away from home for more than three days I was not very long ago,” admitted the Director.

Despite all the talk about the difficult relations in the family, Nadezhda Mikhalkova still played in the film by her husband. At the premiere, the actress looked quite cheerful, and, as always, very stylish. The question of how long she was going for the evening, Nadia said half an hour. As it turned out, the actress just came in for a large luxury Department store — and familiar designers very quickly chose her outfit. To support Hope’s mom showed up Tatiana Mikhalkov, and brother Artem with a girl, Daria, and sister Anna. We asked Artem if he tells his sisters everything he thinks about their work. “I do tell them what I think: it does not matter about the role in question or about something else. But in terms of creativity, here someone likes one, to someone else. I’m not particularly criticized. We criticize Khrushchev. Thus he must stimulate children to reach a new level. (Laughs.) Well, it’s a joke, of course. But say the truth.”

Attention was also riveted to the Trinity star: Fedor Bondarchuk Paulina Andreeva and ex-wife of the Director Svetlana. By the way, Svetlana is not embarrassed, and even smiled, seeing ex husband with new girl. However, soon suddenly woke up and hurried, saying that waiting for her came from Japan friends. However, Fedor and his women still had a long talk this evening, because just two days before the premiere, there were rumors that in fact the Pauline and Theodore have already broken up and only retain the illusion of relationship. And Bondarchuk is still officially married to ex-wife. However, the characters of these rumors was in such a good mood that no one dared to ask them to comment on the situation.

But Fedor before the show, told how he met Rezo Gigineishvili: “I came to visit and saw the boy. I immediately drew attention to it and thought, what a talented boy!.. The next time we met in 2002, then he just began to try to remove. And then there was the “9 Rota”. It is better that I have in my life never happened. With Rezo connected is a huge part of my life…” — said Bondarchuk.

Secular journalists followed the actor Vladimir Yaglych. In July there appeared information that former husband Svetlana Khodchenkova they withdraw, and now beloved actress Antonina Papernaya became a father. According to rumors, She gave birth to his daughter. However, the actor himself tried to get away from conversations on this topic. Interestingly, in social networks Antonia and Vladimir, no word about the baby, from what fans have concluded that the pair still just wants publicity.

Among the guests of the premiere were seen Yulia Baranovskaya, complaining without children, Maria Mironova, who said Znamenitka I started serious renovation in your home, Vladimir Vinokur with his daughter Anastasia and his wife Tamara, Konstantin Kryukov with his wife Alina, Igor Vernik, Alexander Gordon, Masha Shalaeva and others. Gordon and Shalaev happy to pose for photographers. It turned out that Alexander only wears the mask of a strict master, but in fact it is soft and smiling.