Full list of winners People’s Choice Awards – 2017

Yesterday in Los Angeles hosted a ceremony of awarding the “people’s Oscar” “People’s Choice Awards 2017“. As the name implies most of the ceremony, the winner chooses not specially approved by the competent jury consisting of 5000 people, not critics and not journalists, and the people. This happens by voting.

Today we offer you to familiarize yourself with the names of the winners. In principle, we cannot say that the choice of the audience surprised us. And what do you say?


Favorite movie is “finding Dory” (Finding Dory)
Favorite action movie — “Deadpool” (Deadpool)
Favorite Comedy movie — “bad mommy” (Bad Moms)
Favorite dramatic movie — “Before I met you” (Me Before You)
Favorite family movie is “finding Dory” (Finding Dory)
Favorite Thriller is “the Girl on the train” (The Girl on The Train)
Favorite actress — Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite actor — Tom Hanks

Favorite dramatic movie actor — Tom Hanks
Favorite dramatic movie actress — Blake lively
Favorite action movie actress — Margot Robbie
Favorite action movie actor — Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Comedy actor — Kevin HART
Favorite comedic movie actress — Melissa McCarthy
Favorite voice in animated movie — Ellen DeGeneres (“finding Dory”)
Favorite film icon johnny Depp


Favorite TV show “Outlander” (Outlander )
Favorite network TV Comedy
— “big Bang Theory” (The Big Bang Theory)
Favorite network TV drama
— “grey’s Anatomy” (Grey’s Anatomy)
Favorite comedic TV actress
— Sofia Vergara
Favorite Comedy actor
, TV — Jim Parsons
Favorite dramatic TV actress
— Priyanka Chopra

Favorite dramatic TV actor — Justin chambers
Favorite cable TV drama — “Bates Motel” (Bates Motel)
Favorite actress crime drama TV — Jennifer Lopez
Favorite new TV Comedy
— “Everything is under control” (Man With a Plan)
Favorite new TV drama — “we are” (This Is Us)
Favorite actor in a new TV series — Matt LeBlanc
Favorite actress in a new TV series — Kristen bell

Favorite sci-Fi series — “Supernatural” (Supernatural)
Favorite sci-Fi series on cable TV — “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead )
Favorite actress of the series — Sarah Jessica Parker

Favorite actor series Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson
Favorite TV daytime shows
— Ellen DeGeneres
Favorite TV night show — Jimmy Fallon
Favorite TV show — “the Voice” (The Voice)
Favorite cable TV show — “Daddy” (Baby Daddy)
Favorite animated series “the Simpsons” (The Simpsons )


Favorite song of the year — Justin Timberlake, Can’t Stop the Feeling
Favorite album of the year — Blake Shelton, If I’m Honest
Favorite artist — Justin Timberlake
Favorite singer — Britney Spears
Favorite band — Fifth Harmony
Favorite hip-hop by G — Easy
Favorite country artist — Blake Shelton

Favorite country artist — Carrie underwood
Favorite pop artist — Britney Spears
Favorite R&B singer — Rihanna


Favorite philanthropist Tyler Perry
Favorite star in social networks — Britney Spears

Source: spletnik.ru
Photo: vk.com

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