From the First channel can divert the Gordon and Baranovskaya – 24???

Users of the Network actively discussing one of the issues of “Male/Female”. The audience declared that is dissatisfied with the review of Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya, leading the popular TV show, according to “Woman”.

1 Oct Julia and Alexander discussed the topic of cruelty to animals. In the transfer of leading remembered the story of a resident of Moscow, who shot the dog in front of children.

A citizen said that the dog was acting very aggressive, and the gun was starting. In turn, the eyewitnesses of the incident say that the dog showed no signs of aggression.

Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya | Woman

Gordon and Baranovskaya said that in the precincts of the village should not be homeless animals. In addition, according to Alexander, he would shoot to kill in this situation.

The audience was angered by this reasoning the well-known Russian media people, saying that the presenters are advocating “murder and violence against animals.” In social networks users have already appealed to the leadership of the First channel with a request to dismiss the leading.