From Sati Kazanova discovered serious health problems

Famous singer Sati Casanova has faced serious difficulty with health. About this singer said in his Internet blog. In particular, stellar diva is suffering from a triple scoliosis, when the spine resembles the letter S.

“The saddest thing is that in 12 years of yoga, the dynamics went from bad to worse (the proof is in MRI and x-ray),” said she.

However, the artist was able to find a specialist who “re-sculpts the spine and entire skeletal system.”

“The backbone is the skeleton, our core. If he’s crooked, mean, and with the rod of internal not all right. My conclusions are: this fact is not good or bad. We are a child under something bend (parents, educators, school, etc…), rare child was able to avoid scoliosis… But now that I have the opportunity to realize, to recognize, to work – this is work in the present moment, able to heal the past and build the future “, – shared his knowledge of Sati.

Along with this, the singer explained that not doing sports, dancing and yoga when you have a curved spine. Because such steps can lead to significant complications.

A large army of fans of the famous artist immediately wished Casanova speedy recovery, and also that singer in the future, pleased with their work.