From Prokhor Chaliapin appeared the girl look like angelina Jolie

At the premiere of the picture “love in the city of angels,” Prokhor Chaliapin poyavilsya not one, but in the company of a striking brunette.

After parting ways with Anna Kalashnikova, Prokhor often attributed novels. As soon as a singer where there were a girl, it was immediately attributed to his bride. It happened this time.

The stranger, who came with Chaliapin in the premiere, was of incredible beauty and something smacks of Hollywood beauty angelina Jolie. Spectacular brunette was Aliya Nuriyeva of Bashkortostan. Who is she to Prokhorov, is still unknown. As we like to say, time will tell.

By the way, alia told reporters that have never visited a plastic surgeon and ask them to make her look like Jolie. And the similarity with the Hollywood actress is just a “joke” of mother nature.