From love to hate: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez find out the relationship in the social network

Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez continue to sort out relations in a social network. Recall that it all started with the animosity, which some fans have expressed towards the new girl canadian singer Sofia Richie. In response, Justin promised to close his page on the social network, if his fans don’t stop to call his girlfriend.

Suddenly, in the conflict involved Selena Gomez. The American said that there is nothing to scold the fans. Like, do not like to hear the bitter truth, don’t post photos with Sofia. And doduco just started throwing a page of Justin their pictures with the fans, as if showing his love and affection.
Bieber was taken aback from such impudence ex-girlfriend, who apparently took a swing at his belberov (the so-called fans of Justin). The singer responded Selena, he loves his fans and that he was “Strange to hear advice from a man who used her boyfriend for the sake of PR and continues to do so”.
“Funny that the man who cheated on his partner many times, he points to the one who expresses his support and forgiveness. No wonder your fans angry at you. It’s so sad. All the best!” retorted Selena, but Justin was not going to end the conversation. Convicted of adultery, Bieber recalled everything and Gomez.
“I have changed.. Oh how could I forget about you and Zeine?” — wrote the singer, hinting at the novel, Selena, and Zayn Malik, to whom he was jealous of his passion, when he was with her in the relationship.
By the way, earlier, Gomez said interview regarding Malik, who’s now Dating Gigi Hadid: “If he had asked me out, I would agree. Joke. Or not a joke”.
The singer has ignored the last remark of the canadian, again preferring to fill his page his photos with the fans.

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