From Dmitry Nagiyev require a stamp in the passport

Dmitriy Nagiev is one of the most inveterate bachelor the Russian party. Actor and TV host have not been seen for a romance with a representative of the beautiful half, however, his family believe that sooner or later, but the stamp in the passport Nagiyev still appear. Dmitri confesses that he is yet not ready for this, and not see in it sense, because native people do not print. But then Harvey says that one day is likely to give up and go to the Registrar.

“You know, I sense the stamp does not see it, but my family… it’s summer, I have less work, I finally met his family. And it turns out they are very nice people. Timidly we found some common topics of conversation at the table. With some difficulty, but got to know each other because I’m still 300 days a year working. My home practice, of course, other opinions — stamp is needed. But I still hold the Fort, don’t give up. And while rolls Fenya that love is important in heaven, and the stamp in the passport solves nothing. But I’m finding it harder and harder to chase the Blizzard,” — said the TV presenter in an interview.

By the way, here Dmitry told about how the girl is able to get his attention. The main thing for the showman that she was feminine and sophisticated to the bone, it does not take kind of shoes, such as sneakers.

“I years hardly perceive something rude, magicofaloe and external uncleanliness. Modern fashion pulls to unscrupulous perception. I do not believe that under the sneakers on the feet may be the perfect pedicure. I think it’s from lack of imagination primarily from his desire to be like everyone else. Both — and lack of imagination, and the desire to be like everyone else — I began to turn one’s stomach. Although I do not tell anyone — just afraid that I will say that I’m old and out of date”, said Dmitry.

Source: kp.ru
Photo: kp.ru

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