Friske parents of the missing millions “Rusfond”

Recently held a hearing where it became clear the question of where the money was spent “Rusfond” listed the Friske family for the treatment of Zhanna Friske. In the courtroom, was attended by Dmitry Shepelev (beloved singer) and son Platon. A young child even had to be a defendant. But most parents of Jeanne was not. Said today Vladimir Borisovich, no agenda, causing him to court, he did not come, but because he is outraged that the meeting was held without the participation of their party.

“This is ridiculous. Any agenda we have not received, I learned about the hearing from media reports! What does “Rusfond”, I don’t know. They already said from the police that any illegal acts we did not commit,” said Friske.

Recall that the “Rusfond” insists that on account of Zhanna Friske was transferred to 25 million rubles. It was assumed that each spent ruble family will provide a report, but now in the hands of representatives there is a report on the amount of just three million, but where did the rest – this one of the relatives of the late Jeanne said.

A representative of the Foundation at that time reported that a few days before the death of Jeanne who some of the managers of her inheritance cashed the money, but who exactly did it – is unknown. However, in the “Rusfond” even provided relevant evidence in the form of documents. And Dmitry, parents of Jeanne nod at each other. Father Friske sure that the funds removed Shepelev, Dmitry but denies it and says that the heir of Joan and her money was the mother of the singer Olga Vladimirovna, and thus about wasted funds need to ask her.

“If we gave the money we would have signed and then had to be accountable for them. But my signature is nowhere in the documents do not”, says Vladimir Borisovich again turning arrows.

The next court hearing on the case is scheduled for February 28. I wonder what conclusions will come in hand next time.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: Cosmopolitan

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