Friends Ksenia Sobchak said that the news about the name Plato — fiction

November 18, Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to first child. To a newly minted mom throughout the pregnancy was the center of attention of the press, it is no wonder that when the child was born, this interest flared up with even greater force. Now journalists are trying to find out details about the boy his name.

To this end, the media are trying to associate themselves with the parents of the baby and are still friends.

Through some channels to the edition Life.ru found out that baby happy parents named Plato.

But new reports contradict this. “Yes, they do stuff like that. Actually no one still knows how a child named. Even the grandfather of Emmanuel Vitorgan still do not know what name was chosen for a grandson. It is generally classified information, so I think that Plato is nothing more than a joke,” — said surrounded by a Maxim and Xenia.

Note that while Sobchak and Vitorgan not want to personally share this information with others, this hardly anyone knows.

About this in his account on the social network Sobchak warned the press and fans: “Dear friends! Since the various channels to actively call in our friends,acquaintances,relatives, doctors, colleagues, friends of friends and friends of friends,inviting them on different talk shows and promising them including our personal participation, we are forced to make the following statement -we will not participate in such programs, and moreover believe that our real friends and family people also refuse such invitations. All you can of these programs to find out is speculation,rumours and speculation on people’s privacy .We are sharing with you what we believe is possible through their social networks”.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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