Friend Vanessa Kirby commented on her romance with Tom cruise

After his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom cruise not been seen for affair with any woman. How much the media tried to ascribe to the actor a new relationship, each time it was wrong and false information provided by the journalists of “trusted people Tom.”

Recently, the press leaked the news that the star of “Mission impossible” love.

It was reported that the heart of this Hollywood bachelor conquered the 28-year-old actress Vanessa Kirby. Insiders claimed that the actress has conquered Volume with their talent, and he invited her into shooting the sixth part of “Mission impossible” one (not the last) role, which is not yet specified.

“Between them, there is chemistry. He is smitten with her endless charm and energy, and even thinking about a future together. He wants to make her the next Mrs. Cruz, “—immediately began to fantasize sources.

But these rumors would quickly come to an end. A close friend of Kirby commented on her possible affair with Cruz, noting that this will not happen: “Yes, Vanessa landed a role in “Mission: impossible 6”, but they are not Dating! It’s just a rumor.”

Oh, sorry…We have hoped that Kirby could be the next Mrs. cruise.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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