Friend Timothy Anastasia Reshetova trying on wedding dresses

It has long been rumored about the close relations of rapper Timati and Anastasia Reshetova. Recently a girl interested fans, laid out in Instagram photo try on wedding dresses.

Anastasia Reshetova published in the “storis” a couple of photos where she poses in a variety of wedding dresses. The girl visited the Bridal salon and had to try on the different dresses.

The purpose of the visit Anastasia in the interior is unknown, and the girl herself did not comment.

It is no secret that the most successful Russian rapper Timati after breaking up with Alena Shishkova began Dating another famous fashion model Anastasia Reshetova. The couple still has not confirmed the fact of their relationship at the official level, however, they did not hesitate to appear together in public, relaxing together, and even publish pictures, which, however, occurs not so often.

And recently the model is published in the “storis” a whole portion of interesting photos Anastasia posing in different wedding dresses. Some fans have rushed her to “marry”. Pictures and movies was made in the Bridal salon. That’s just the purpose of the visit Anastasia there remains unknown. It is possible that he is associated with the work of Reshetova, because the girl removed a lot, including in the most unexpected images.

At the same time, it is hard to believe that the model would show footage from their actual wedding.Whatever it was, but Anastasia looks at wedding outfits is simply irresistible. The girl tried on dresses of different cut and style: lush hem and corset top, with open and covered shoulders, with lace and translucent fabric and so on. Fans believe that Reshetova is a wonderful and incredibly beautiful bride.