Friend Polina Lobanova accused her of stealing 50 thousand rubles

So, thanks to the activity of fans of the youth show has repeatedly surfaced surprising facts from the biographies of many participants. At the time the incriminating evidence was discovered at these participating Lera frost and Alexander Black, and now all attention was focused on who managed to earn a scandalous reputation, Pauline Lobanov, the website life-dom2.su.

According to the alleged friend of Pauline, the participant of the youth television project was “dishonest”. My girlfriend Polina stole a tidy sum – 50 thousand roubles, and still did not repent of their deeds, and certainly not returned the money.

“I have a question to people in charge of casting: where do you find such characters? Why almost every girl, coming to the project, has a similar story?” – asked the audience “House 2”.