Friend Nicholas Karachentsov revealed the cause of frequent tears of the actor

Composer Elena Surzhikova, a close friend of 72-year-old actor Nikolai Karachentsov, recently spoke about his health. The musician announced that Nicholas often crying because she is happy that fans of his don’t forget.

On national love to the actor in no way affected the fact that since 2005, Karachentsov more is not removed, and generally confined to a wheelchair. Surzhikova said that Nicholas is the actor, which never forget.

Just recently, Nikolai Petrovich went to the research Institute Sklifosovsky. His condition was assessed as moderate. Nothing terrible had happened, it was just a routine examination.

Surzhikova said that Nicholas is very often crying to tears because it touches the immeasurable loving attention of his fans. Note that the wife Karachentsova, actress Lyudmila Porgina, trying to rescue the actor from fading away in seclusion, so regularly appears with her husband on all sorts of public events.