Fraudsters use the name of the star KVN, skinny, 60 kg, for profit

Like many other celebrities that have managed to transform about recognition, star KVN Olga Bartunkova collided with the back of his phenomenal weight loss. 38-year-old actress managed to lose a total of 60 pounds, became a victim of fraud.

Dishonest and unscrupulous people in the Network to convince unsuspecting users that the result of weight loss Bartunkova was achieved not through sports and proper nutrition, and due to the pills almost one month Hippo is able to turn into a proud deer.

That her name appears in a dishonest fraud she told Olga.

On his page in the social network she left the post, which warned its subscribers from buying any tablets for weight loss: “In recent years the Internet has intensified the crooks selling that stuff, saying that Olga Bartunkova lost weight using it. Declare officially that Olga Bartunkova never took anything to these poisons is not relevant”.

Note that the thinner Olga now looks irresistible, but according to the actress, she still have something to strive for. In the future she plans to have surgery to remove stretch marks and then the summer season, you can start with joy and awe.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru, instagram.com

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