France withdrew from the film “Bastille Day”

In connection with the tragic events which unfolded in nice last week, the French had withdrawn the film “Bastille Day”/ “Steep steps” (Bastille Day) with Idris Elba in the title role. The tape was released just before the terrorist attack, 13 July, and 14 July, when French citizens and guests of nice celebrated the Bastille Day, a national holiday, which is considered in this country’s independence Day, a disaster happened: an attacker on the truck at full speed drove into a crowd of tourists. Killed more than eighty people, ten of whom were children. Who died under the wheels of a huge car, the terrorist has shot from Kalashnikov.

The plot of the film, which was released yesterday, law enforcement authorities are investigating a terrorist act – the explosion in Paris. The next day after the tragedy, when France began mourning, the leadership of StudioCanal, it was decided not only to cancel the screening of the film, but will remove the tape from the ethers. In support of France, the premiere of the film in Germanii and the UK were also transferred.

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com
Photo: http://strana.ua

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