Fox confirmed the release of season 11 of “Secret materials”

This winter the long-awaited reunion of agents Mulder and Scully.

The Fox showed us only six new episodes of the beloved series the x-files, however, will the continuation of this mystical Teleostei no one spoke.

Hint at a sequel was made in the final series of the new season – the ending was left open, and it gives reason to continue.

It became known yesterday that the President of Fox entertainment on the subject of David Madden started important negotiations with three key persons” on the continuation of the series “Secret materials” in the 11th season.

“Ten season demanded a lot of hard work, and we expect to continue,” said Madden. About some specific date no one has been saying. There is a chance that the new “x-files” will be presented to the viewer in the second half of 2017.

According to the representative of The Fox Walden, now before the authors set a challenge: “had to fit into the already familiar to fans of mythology. To continue will be much easier”.

Source: lenta.ru

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