Former participant reality show “House 2” Walter Solomentsev was in a psychiatric hospital

So, a few weeks ago Walter Solomentsev left the project in the company Olesya lisovska, however, to maintain relations with his chosen, he had not succeeded. However, this fact does not upset the man, with the result that he decided to go to Goa to collect my thoughts, in connection with which for some time has disappeared from the sight of fans of telestroke, the website life-dom2.su.

However, the news of the return of Walter shocked much more than the situation with his disappearance from the social network. And now they, apparently, have to rescue the man, but not with the popular resort of India, and from the psychiatric hospital. About help subscribers asking himself Solomentsev.

“What in the hospital in a straitjacket is not dressed?”, “He belongs there!”, “The moment when man was in his place” – he wrote to fans of the youth TV project “House 2”.