Former daughter Vasilyeva is going to sue for the apartment

Around actress Tatyana Vasilyeva unfolding scandal, as the former wife of her son Anastasia Begunova is going to go to court to take away from the actress’s apartment.


We remind you that in 2016, Anastasia Begunova divorced with the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva Philip. Anastasia Begunova and Philip had been married for eight years, during which time they had two sons, John and Gregory. At the moment the legman with children living in Germany. Most likely, she can’t accept the fact that her children will not receive the apartment in the center of Moscow, on the Patriarchal ponds.

As reported by Anastasia Begunova, she believes that the ex-husband Philip goes wrong and it’s time that all disagreements be resolved by legal means. It is reported that the soon to start trial on the division of square meters.