Former babysitter Melanie brown has filed a countersuit against the singer

Lorraine Gills, the same babysitter Melanie brown and Stephen Belafonte decided to have their say and try to influence public opinion. A woman has filed a lawsuit against the former boss and accused her of slander. According to the woman, Mel b introduced her to the public as a harlot and mistress of her husband, but in fact everything was a little different.

First, contrary to the opinion that the former soloist Spice Girls have circulated about his worker, got pregnant Lorraine not from Stephen, but from my boyfriend. Melanie really paid her for an abortion, but according to Gills, she did not plan then to become a mother.
As for a Threesome, Lorraine participated in the sexual experimentation of the spouses, however, insists that the initiator was Mel b herself. The actress even filmed on video, and feared when publication of some incriminating evidence, then obviously they were talking about it.
In its lawsuit, the nanny pointed out that almost from the first days of work the couple forced her to drink alcohol, but because she was at that time barely eighteen years old.
By the way, its confusion and anger was expressed by Jimmy Gulzar, the choreographer and the first husband of Melanie, father of her eldest daughter Phoenix. He believes that if everything that the singer said about Belafonte – the truth, that she had failed to perform their motherly duties, exposing their children to daily danger. Melanie accused Stephen that he had a home with firearms that did not have rights, moreover, Belafonte allegedly humiliated and beaten her. According to Jimmy, or his ex is lying, or she should be held accountable for that lost parental responsibilities.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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