Forbes has made a rating of the most sold in Russia books for 2017

January 5 — news Agency “News”. Russian Forbes made a rating of the best-selling books. Traditionally it included only the novelties of the season, released from November 2016 to 15 December 2017. The main sources of the sales data served as a leading Russian publishing houses and large bookstores. Consideration of consolidated sales on an analytical portal about the book market Pro-Books.ru and the results of the year national book network “Read-city”, St. Petersburg network “Bookvoed” and the Moscow shop “Biblio-Globus”.

“The results of book sales for the year 2017 show a revolutionary change: the reader’s interest is visibly shifted towards non-fiction literature and serious novels. Sales of books on psychology, history, natural Sciences increased significantly, the audience of intellectual prose increased, but a light entertaining read, though, and continues to hold the position in the tops of sales, essentially lost in figures”, – the newspaper notes.

However, in the top ten according to the magazine, headed by detective Tatiana Ustinova “Selfie with destiny.” The book was published February 14, this time it was sold to 81.1 thousand copies. However, the publication notes that the call to unconditional victory is impossible. Last year detective Ustinova “universal conspiracy” took the fourth place in the bestseller list with more impressive sales volume 105 thousand copies.

Second place in the list of most sold in Russia books of 2017 took the story of “Indian wind” by Dina Rubina. Since its presentation on 28 March, the stores sold 75.6 thousand copies.

The third line of the rating took a novel by British journalist Jojo Moyes “Where happiness dwells”, the author of the preceding “Before I met you” and “Dancing with horses”. Since the release of her latest work, February 28, Russia has sold nearly 61, a thousand books.

Further, according to the magazine, follows another writer from the United Kingdom Paula Hawkins. For a year Russians have bought a little more than 58 thousand copies of her new mystery “still waters” presented in August. Five of the most publicized books closes the novel by Alexandra the novels of Marinina “issue Price”. In four months it acquired in the amount of 52.1 thousand units.

The top 10 also, according to Forbes, included “iPhuck 10” by Victor Pelevin (September 26 48,1 sold thousands of copies), “Tobol. Many are called” Alexei Ivanov (since 23 November last year — 46,67 thousand), Text by Dmitry Glukhovsky (more than 44 thousand from 14 June), a collection of “St. Petersburg live: from Palace to Garden, from Gangut to hedge. Personal stories” (38 thousand copies since may 5) and the novel “Little life” American Chania Yanagihara (37.9 thousand copies since 24 November last year).

By the way, the book “Peter live” took second place in the final ranking of book chain “barrister”. “Stories, memoirs, essays and personal impressions of the wonderful citizens, that is Peter and how it lived and lives, the St. Petersburg group is the most. Muscovites also “verified experience” with the book “Moscow: the meeting place” – analyzes Forbes. But these books, of course, “art guide” all — collections-walking through the two capitals, a literary journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow and back along with the best contemporary authors.

The plot of this book is the city itself, very different, a bit of Imperial Petersburg and then Leningrad Soviet, the “yellow city of Dostoevsky and Petrograd, noisy, revolutionary… it is always different and always Peter.” On request “Redaction of Elena Shubina” Andrey Astvatsaturov, Boris Grebenshchikov, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Tatyana Moskvin, Yevgeny Vodolazkin, Andrei Bitov and other iconic authors-St. Petersburg, spoke about his hometown and how to live in it.

The magazine, in addition, provides data on what books the past years, readers continue to buy: this is “Flowers for Algernon” Daniel Keyes (of $ 235.2 thousand copies for 2017), “Shantaram” and “the Shadow of the mountain” by Gregory Roberts (206,2 and 95.7 thousand), detective Jo nesbø’s “the Snowman” (86,7 thousand copies), “zulaikha opens his eyes,” Guzel Agenoy (65.7 per thousand). Of a sudden — rising interest in “1984” by George Orwell. In only one of the bookstore network “Read-a city” has sold 46 million copies of this dystopia (the year the book topped the bestseller list “Read-city”).