For the death of Anton Elchine Jeep will pay $ 5 million

The death of Hollywood actor of Russian origin Anton Elchina was the starting point for a new trial. As you know, 27-year-old boy died by his own car brand Jeep – actor was sandwiched between the machine and the gate of his house. The cause of death, according to experts, was the bad design of the gear lever in the car. Because of the awkward design of the lever drivers confuse neutral and Parking gear. Experts have suggested that before his death, Anton Yelchin parked outside his home, but did not see that the car remained “neutral”. The car drove from the slope and crushed the actor to the metal bars.

Having learned that the car brand Jeep involved in the death of man, the bosses of the company decided to withdraw from the sale of cars of the same series release. But it’s responsible for the Jeep is not finished.

Today we know that the law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLC filed a suit for several million dollars. 5 million, in the case of a positive decision for the plaintiff, will be transferred to the family Elicina.

The petition States that the fact that any flaw of the lever in the new jeep has already been proved. In this regard, the sale was withdrawn more than 800 thousand cars. Nevertheless, most of the cars are already sold out, they also became participants of road accident.


Source: popcornnews.ru

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