For an autograph of Emma Watson, students Oxford get a penalty

For an autograph of Emma Watson, students Oxford get a penalty

Actress Emma Watson studying at Oxford.

It is true that to learn is never to late. Actress Emma Watson, though still very young, but his career staged. What does she have to learn? But no, she decided to go to Oxford. She is studying for a degree in Art and British literature.

Can you imagine what is going on when the actress passes the corridors of the institution. Many students don’t give her a pass, wanting to get an autograph or a photo. It could not respond to the leadership of Oxford.

The decision was made to recover the fine in that case, if a student or institution staff wants to get an autograph from Emma Watson. You may think that this is a joke, but no. Foreign media picked up comments from students of the institution.

“Of course, if you are friends with Emma, then you can approach her, to talk to, but if you are not familiar with, then you are not allowed to approach, to ask for an autograph or anything,” says a student of Oxford.

It’s not monetary fines. Students will receive penalty points to their scores. And many heard, that is not really easy to earn points to improve your ranking progress.


Source and photo: tochka.net