Followers discussing rumors about a possible pregnancy of Olga Buzova

So, it was repeatedly noted that in life and in network Olga Buzova looks different. In addition, the girl was repeatedly attributed to pregnancy, but from time to time the speculation was not confirmed by the facts. But now, judging by the fresh pictures, the leading youth reality show there are indeed signs of pregnancy, writes life-dom2.su.

If you try to perform this shot, one gets the impression that His is about the twentieth week of pregnancy. Fans are wondering who might be the father of the future baby. The number of suspected men can bring happiness to Olga and Dmitry Tarasov and Dmitry Nagiyev, and a mysterious admirer, whose name is still unknown.

“Everything is PR. Well, what she pregnant? So many years have lived with my husband and nothing. After all, only talking about her beloved. She doesn’t care. About it also stop talking and show how about the other “stars”. I wonder who is sponsoring it. After all, she is a nobody, to call her a nobody. Watch the project from day one. An ordinary girl and so rose” – said the audience “House 2”.