Folk beliefs about cats

Cats are human companions for many centuries and they attributed many mystical properties. Observing these graceful animals caused many people’s beliefs.

Cats are credited with many abilities. Our ancestors believed that these mysterious animals had the ability to treat any disease, to predict the future, to protect the house and household from evil spirits. Folk beliefs about these animals are interesting for many to this day.

Superstitions and omens about cats

If the cat or kitten they came to the threshold of your home, then your family will be happy and well-being. Such an animal will protect and take trouble from the family.

There is a belief according to which children, especially boys, not to squirt the cats with water. Otherwise, they face many troubles and misfortunes that can lead to tragic consequences.

If a man loves cats, that means family life he will have a happy, loving wife and a house-full Cup.

Cat washes on the window sill to the imminent arrival of guests. If a visit would be undesirable, cat offer milk in a saucer, to discourage visitors.

Cat, stretching herself towards the man, promising him a new purchase, good luck in monetary transactions.

When the cat lays on the wallet, it protects the funds from unnecessary and hasty purchases, giving funds for a loan.

When a cat sneezes, it is necessary to wish good health. Our ancestors believed that the way to protect yourself from tooth pain.

Cat sneezing near a bride promises her a happy marriage, caring and generous husband, and the birth of a strong and healthy offspring.

Beware to compare newborn kittens with mice, so the cat has not ceased take care of them, and the neighbor cats don’t hurt them.

The disease portends a cat that starts sniffing the air exhaled by the person. Cats have a keen sense of smell, so they can notice the slightest changes in our body.

A cat bed next to the patient, takes his share of the disease itself. Often she begins to massage problem areas, and then may disappear. If the cat has not returned, so she saved you from a deadly disease.

Family quarrel portends a cat behaves aggressively towards the owners.

If the path is found sick and skinny cat — wait bad news, the imminent news of illness of a close relative. In order to avoid this, a cat needs shelter or find her a suitable host, after taking care of the recovery of the animal.

If you hear squeals and screams of cats, it means that your imaginary friend is preparing you wiles.

White cat dream portends wealth. If she has a fluffy long tail, you have a long road and the reward at the end of the road.

The cat purrs in the hands of the coming of the guest only when convinced of his sincerity and good intentions for owners.

Cat, first included in new housing, it frees one from negative energy. Where she will go to sleep, you can safely put a sofa or a bed for sleeping. Most often the animal stands for the so-called places of power in which there is a large concentration of positive energy.

To establish the difficulties of life and to escape poverty will help the cat that you give with a pure heart.

Believed to marry a girl who “sat on the shelf”, maybe her mother. She needs to attach seven kittens female. To help the man to have a family will help pristroystvo seven kittens male.

If the cat plays in the room where no one behaves benignly, the noises or blinking — so she made friends with the family.

The cat growls, hisses or shows anxiety, staring into the empty space when the house is put evil.

The belief of black cats living in the house, they took away from him the fire.

Take the cat fishing — the rich fishing. Fish must treat the animal, which brought you good luck.

Guest that you want to see at home, will not come again, if his shoulder discreetly put a few down feathers from a cat’s tail.

Cat will stay in bed a dying man. In the old days to the relatives of the patients brought the cat, and if she remained on the bed, then the disease will retreat.

Heat portends a cat, fast asleep belly up.

Bad weather portends a curled up cat, put his nose in his paws.

If the cat climbs into the oven, you can expect bad weather and cold.

Fluffed the tail of the cat foreshadows the impending Blizzard.

Good weather portends a cat, wash the paw of the head and ears.

Interesting observations can be checked and in the modern world. It is enough to monitor the behavior of your pet. If you have a new animal, name it a name that will bring to your home happiness.