Flat the Kardashian Hoca naroditi has one ditinu

Flat the Kardashian Hoca naroditi has one ditinu

Those scho Flat the Kardashian – people Can West long hochut mother of the great family of Yu, hi to nobody her secret. Famous couple vzhe vicovu two young kids – daughter North I sin the Saint, ale supinates on this not sbiraetsya: Flat vzhe Padua about narodzhennya treto, ditini.

The problem is the fact scho Mauger health not dozvoliti I sdisney the Bajan, I Realt-star preklad max susil dwellers to sniti vid s for this reason situac. Have chergova the issue Realt show Keeping Up With The Kardashians Flat rosove scho zustrich z Loramie , not obnal: physicians operedila Kardashian, scho bude watt skladisce, than papered, I can koshtuvati I health.

“Your fear clcom rezone. Vinosity detenu in tsiy watnot bude not easy, all the more so, s look around on Colin skladnosti. Chancy on average watnot I Polohy wkra Neznan. Mi talking about the questions of life I smart. You can poorti od vtrati crow” said obstetrician-genikolog Dr. Paul Crane chokovani Flat. “Yakscho VI savage, rizik vicina ABO filthy versene watnot bude duzhe visokiy” – pdtrials their colleges likar And Huang.

By the way, lcar not oblilsya bacterienne stink foretold Flat sovanna about the alternative – that is surrogate motherhood. Although TSE ochevidni vid iz situat, Flat Botica scho in this case narozena dytyna ottima Lubov less then, than ti do parenting, yakih won the people itself.


Source: popcornnews.ru