Fergie leaves The Black Eyed Peas

Last year Will.i.am ( real name William Adams), pleased the fans of the band The Black Eyed Peas news on the reunification team. For six years they went together on one stage, and it seems that this did not happen, because the team left its singer fergie.

Will.i.am will take the stage tomorrow, June 3, with Taboo and Apl.de.ap in Cardiff, opening ceremony finals of the UEFA Champions League.
Rumors that fergie is not going to return to the group with a solo project, went a long time, and now Will.i.am to confirm this information. Offense band from fergie, or even the opposite – they strongly support it.
“Fergie is busy now on a solo project, we’re preparing for the twentieth anniversary of The Black Eyed Peas. We helped with the entry of a number of songs and will help, but in our group will have a new vocalist,” said William, and commented on the rumors that fergie is in the group will be singing Nicole Scherzinger.
“We have always had amazing vocalists. Nicole actually working on a new project BEP, but do not want to tell the details of our cooperation,” he said.

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