Feng Shui forecast by Natalia Pravdina November 2017

Feng Shui forecast for the last month of autumn will help you to complete all the most important things to do before the transition to winter period. Also it will help you to plan for the future.

Closely all Natalia Pravdina advises to follow the emotions. They in November will be the engine of progress and the cause of most failures. Derived thoughts — words — will also be very important for everyone. You can hear different opinions about yourself, but more importantly is to not listen what people say and how they say it. Follow the root cause any action not to perceive this world is superficial, and do not rush to give any estimates, do not get to the bottom. More often refer to the affirmations below day by day to become wiser and stronger.

Finance, job and business in November

In Feng Shui there is a whole set of universal rules for achieving success, but these rules are useless if you are not confident in their abilities. Try not to move from planning to action in November, if you have not planned thoroughly. The fact that now the caution will be very necessary. The universe requires the utmost sophistication your every step, because in November there is no place for chaos and disorder.

Just sacrifice your free time, if you do not have the strength to execution of working tasks. Waste money only on the most necessary, because unnecessary things can take you quite a lot of Finance one want or the other. It’s like a snowball that grows and grows, and eventually may leave you without savings.

At work, try not to sign any important papers until you are familiar with what is written in small print. Do not borrow any amounts. Better just to survive till payday with pride and your head held high, not with pockets stuffed with notes which do not belong to you.

Love and relationship Feng Shui

In matters of love in November should get to know each other better. You may not know all the mysteries of its second half. In November, they will come out, so pobespokoytes that they do not destroy your marriage or relationship. Don’t stand in the way of coincidence, if you do not want to fail in love, losing a friend or a respected loved one. Accept the present the way it is now.

No one should stand between you and your spouse. Do not change their decisions in relation to loved ones, as this may subsequently have a negative impact on your good luck. If you promised to do something, follow your words. Don’t risk their reputation either at home or at work.

Jealousy, too, should be as small as possible, and in the case of when would be jealous of you you better not go to provoke a loved one to the negative. Avoid energy vampires who will use you at every opportunity.

Mood and health in November 2017

This is perhaps the most important area in November. The mood will depend on the environment of the success or failure of your business. It can ride up and down, so keep it at a reasonable level will be quite difficult. To get the positive energy of the Universe to concentrate with you can only good health. Follow the regime, especially towards the end of the month. Go to bed on time because lack of sleep will Rob you of your strength and will unsettle.

Watch your health more closely, because the only way to keep my game face on and make as many cases as possible. Speaking of Affairs — do not procrastinate the most “nasty” things that I want to solve the least. Deal with them in the beginning of the month, then to relax from the problems.

As little as possible in the first half of the month overload the legs. In late November, the intellectual work will be the most important, but also demanding in terms of resources of your body. You will need the dope in the form of motivation. Constantly looking for reasons to work and not give up. Otherwise you will be overtaken by apathy, which simply has no place in your life.

Try to transform and work on themselves. If you live those 30 days in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, then you will have more opportunities to stay afloat in business, at work, in love. Even the most difficult situations can be resolved in a very short time, if we remain in harmony with ourselves and with the people around you. Try not to plan anything in advance, but in the adventure do not get.