Feng Shui forecast by Natalia Pravdina August 2017

Well-known psychologist and specialist Feng Shui Natalia Pravdina is accurate predictions, which will help everyone to achieve personal happiness and well-being. Use the suggested recommendations in order to carry out the final month of summer at altitude.

Planning is an important part of the process that can lead everyone to success by the shortest route. In order for this month luck was on your side, use proven ways to attract good luck with Feng Shui.

Career and Finance

Business life in August will be most productive if you deal with current Affairs without new beginnings. It concerns the completion of the duties that you put off early, bringing order to the desktop in the documentation. The influence of luck in the future should leave ambitious plans on the level of ideas, to implement them in the next month, freed from the current routine work. The middle of the month will be favorable for development of creative abilities. Your favorite hobby could be a source of additional income if you dedicate enough time for skills improvement.

In business relationships try to stick to low profile and not rush things. Impulsivity and aggression may lead not only to the blunders and shortcomings, but also strained relations in the team. In order not to lose credibility, immerse yourself in your own work that will help you focus. August is not good for the purchase of equipment. Responsible strong energy of mercury retrograde from 12 August to 4 September. His power is favorable for any mental activity of strategizing.

Love and relationship

This month is dedicated to family values and romantic relationships. The energy of Venus in Cancer, the planet of love, endows the space with the power, with which everyone can improve their relationship as a couple, and in the family. Single people should pay attention to the recommendations of Natalia Pravdina, which will help you to find your soulmate.

From 25 August, Venus will change position and will move in the Zodiac of Leo. This time will be filled with active energy, which contributes to the high ambitions. This period is to spend together with your partner active: Hiking, travel, casual meetings. All this will positively influence the relationship. This time will be fraught with increased respect and jealousy of both halves, so to gain harmony in the relationship is to use meditation techniques.

Health and mood

The main stumbling block this month will be neurological diseases. Active Uranium will affect the emotional background, so try to avoid stressful situations. In August increases the likelihood of getting injuries and sprains. Use the teachings of Feng Shui to improve your health and to let a positive energy.

In terms of communication this month will be very productive. This applies to personal and business spheres of life. In romantic relationships, with due attention to the partner you will be able to build a rapport. In a business environment ability to make compromises and concessions will help to find mutually beneficial solution and successfully complete the previously initiated the case.

In August 2017, any new initiatives may have a negative impact further down the road. This does not mean that you have to sit idly by. Powerful energy the Sun will give everyone positive energy and open new perspectives that will lead you to success.