Fell on the ears: Regina Todorenko an affair with Vlad Topalov

Last month Regina todorenko has intrigued fans with news that her heart is no longer free. And in a recent interview, the TV host candidly spoke about the new novel.

In the life of Regina Todorenko there have been major changes: the host left the show “heads and tails”, I went to study in Los Angeles and got a new boyfriend. In an Interview with “StarHit” the girl said that now is in a relationship with a Russian singer, ex-participant of group Smash!! Vlad Topalov.

Regina met Vlad during participation in a theatrical production of Sergei Growth.

By the way, last year I had teatralnyi debut, thanks to which I gained for my beloved man. The Director of the play “Founded wife in the pawn shop” by Sergei Growth approved us with Vlad Topalov in the lead roles. I was so happy when I received the offer. But didn’t know how it would change my life. What can I say? Don’t be afraid to expand the boundaries! Learn new nastupati on the throat of the fears, digitas forward. And, of course, fall in love!

According to the girl, she fell in love on the ears. After the first meeting Todorenko realized that Topalov was her destiny.

I would venture to guess that I’m in love? Yes, the ears! Thought after a breakup is to relax from love Affairs, will finalize in the “tails” and quietly go in Los Angeles, new York film Academy for a two-month training. But he came and messed things up! After the first meeting I went as blissful, understood nothing, even the Navigator to include did not work. Maybe it’s right? Because the woman – a weak creature, it needs to inspire, to create, and not to solve a bunch of problems, performing masculine tasks. While I “kareela”, doing just that. From each trip he returned a woman, which is maybe a hut in the Amazon to build, and game to catch, and even a bear to shoot. Now understand: I like being weak. Strong need to stay at work. But it is difficult to switch from one to another.

Todorenko also admitted that now thinking about the wedding.

If before I had no desire to get married, but now everything is different. Madly want your warm, cozy nest where greeted with hugs and a delicious soup. The moment of acceptance of yourself said to be realized personality. It’s time to tackle another area of life – to make a difference in this world: to share and teach knowledge to become a mother of a little man who will one day give life. To go to adventures with a favorite of muzhchinoi, in the end, sobstvennoi initiative, not by the decree of the producers. To get new emotions, feelings, impressions, create their own stories with her future husband and not with the operator or Director. However, when they start to travel independently, perhaps, the first time will be uncomfortable without a camera. This prospect is a little confusing. Have not yet figured out how to live with it.

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Photo source: Instagram of Regina Todorenko, the open source Network