Father of Jeanne Friske threatened violence publications

Book Dmitry Shepelev on the disease Zhanna Friske, have caused heated arguments as in show-business get-together and Network. Sister died from the deadly disease of the singer, Kent has already commented on the interview of Dmitry, which he gave to Andrey Malakhov, calling the lies of his words that he gladly would have allowed relatives of Jeanne to see Plato, but that they do not want to see the baby. The journalists seemed very strange that no one has seen or heard the father of Jeanne of Vladimir Kopylov and his reaction to an interview with Dmitry. He has previously stated that to read lies about his dead daughter is not going to.

The reporters of the newspaper Days.ru got in touch with Vladimir, but he refused to comment on something, citing the insulting words readers of the magazine that they leave in the comments.
“That’s certainly the Days.Ru anything I will not comment, because I don’t like the comments under your articles about us! You read them!” angrily he said. On the proposal of the editor to remove offensive words, Kopylov said no and asked not to disturb him.
As it turned out, really was on the website and often rude and even threatening users voicing the opinion of his family. Of course, not flattering. Here are just some screenshots of his conversations.

I hope Jeanne’s father will find the strength to exercise patience and wisdom to readers, then, look, and Dmitry will allow him to see his son.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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