Father Friske said that the seven dwarfs anything ever given to Jeanne

July 8, the Russian singer, who died from brain cancer, Zhanna Friske would have turned 42 years old.

On the day of the birth of her daughter her father decided to remember what it was, and also talked about some of the mysteries that still did not become public knowledge.

As recognized by Vladimir Borisovich (the father of Jeanne, who continues to fight with her beloved Dmitriy Shepelev), for all the time that he was with Jeanne, he didn’t give her gifts. According to Kopylov, the showman could become generous with the money that Jeanne already chose and bought yourself a gift. By the way, in the words of the relatives of the singer, even when Jeanne gave Shepelevo son, he did not feel the need once her gratitude, for it: “No, I do not remember to Jeanne ever congratulated. So did he give me flowers or gifts…I, at least, never seen that before. And when Plato was born, something we have not seen the gifts. In the last years of his life Jeanne, too, he wasn’t around this day”, – quotes Vladimir Friske press.


Source: dni.ru
Photo: joinfo.ua

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