Father forbade Philip Gazmanov to follow in his footsteps

In domestic show-business it often happens, when children of pop stars don’t even think about anything else but the stage. Kristina Orbakaite, Vladimir Presnyakov-younger (and Nikita Presnyakov as well) and many others – just an example of natural musical legacy. But Philip Gazmanov, by his own admission, could not choose the scene because of his stepfather.
In a recent interview, the young man told, why he was forced to limit her modelling career and artist. At a meeting a few years ago the family Council, Philip forbade even to think about the scene.
Today, eighteen-year-old Philip Gazmanov studying in London, studying graphics, design and advertising. His paintings are praised by colleagues and critics, and some of them were even sold at auctions.

At such a tender age, Philip has a chance to work for one of the companies developing computer games, and after graduation Gazmanov plans to open his own business related to drawing. But what it will be is still a secret.

As a child, Philip, like his older brother Rodion (the first-born stepfather and his son, Oleg), was fond of singing, and even performed the infamous children’s collective “Neposedy”.
“I remember my father and I went for the first time to relax on the Maldives. I lay in the hammock and sang something. Father listened, listened, then could not resist, came up and said, “Phil, you have a hearing but has no voice. So go play”. After these words, my career was cut short.. the family Council decided that the business we have enough,” said Philip. Despite its great success in the artistic field, a young man living as an ordinary student on campus. However, in Central London.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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