Father black Tea: “I always knew she will become a star.”

He always believed in my girl. Father black Tea Eric Holland said in an interview with the Daily Mail about what he thinks regarding this rapid fame and popularity of his daughter. Relationship 28-year-old model with a star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Rob Kardashian began relatively recently, in January of this year. Despite such a short time from the status of the enemy (family didn’t like Rob black), she almost has become a favorite daughter-in-law.

Pregnancy Tea had convinced her mother of the groom Kris Jenner in the seriousness of the couple, and now black will become an equal member of telecomasia.
Mr. Holland is very happy for her daughter, because she not only found love, but has become popular.
“Of course I’m happy for her. She knows it. As soon as I learned that she was pregnant, I felt great joy. They Rob everything will be fine, she’s got my blessing. I met her fiancé, it seemed to me a pleasant young man.
My daughter has always been different from other children, stood out. She was born to be a star, so I’m not surprised by her success. I always knew that she will achieve the glory” — Eric said.

Meanwhile, relations with the sisters Rob the black is still not so hot. The younger sister of his again began to meet with the Rapper the forest, the father of the child China king Cairo.
Eric believes that his daughter star fever does not threaten. Not so long ago, she came to the party on the birthday of her younger sister and even took pictures with everyone.
“She communicates with all members of the family, never forgets its roots. People probably think she’s from a broken and unhappy family, but it’s not. I always told her: no matter who you are in the beginning, matter who you in the end. This is the most important part of life. We all have UPS and downs, and more importantly, how do you deal with them,” said Eric.
We will remind that now the conversation about the wedding and not talking, and Rob black has focused on pregnancy. and they are getting married in October, just before the birth of a child.


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