Fans suspected that Anastasia was married

Anastasia recently admitted she’s in love and happy. And happiness dancer gives her new feelings, but the gifts that she receives in this relationship. Recall that a few weeks ago, the dancer became the owner of a brand new luxury car brand Maybach with the exclusive rooms. “I can honestly say: today I’m in love and really happy! The man who appeared in my life, surrounded me with love, attention and care, which I so long dreamed. Yes, as long as your companion, I don’t advertise. Recently started to follow the adage “Happiness is to be quiet!”. It loves the silence!” — said Volochkova.

Recently Anastasia had made a new post in his microblog. This post spawned new rumors about the secret choice of the dancer and his intentions towards her. The fact that the followers of the star photo led me to think that she is secretly married.

These thoughts arose because of the fact that Anastasia was depicted in a white dress and white car for wedding decorated.

Bloggers are wondering what could mean this picture, and she Volochkova continues to keep a mysterious silence. “Why come to someone else’s wedding in white? Very delicately. The veil has forgotten!”, “Really married unbearable”, “it Can driver”, “Congratulations. Love each other. Who’s the husband?” such disparate reviews fans filled the post Anastasia.

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Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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