Fans shocked by pictures plump Ani Lorak without makeup

Fans of the singer Ani Lorak was greatly outraged by the new photos. Many have noted that the singer made a remarkable recovery and looks awful without makeup.

Popular singer Ani Lorak shocked fans with its appearance. She published a picture showing off my face without the makeup, and the fans noticed, as the girl recovered strongly.

“What’s wrong with your face, as you could launch yourself… that’s what people do for a makeover,” wrote fans in the comments to the published snapshot Lorak. They were terrified that the singer looked a few years older, and her face without makeup shocked many.

Subscribers could not believe that lorac is so neglected himself and does not want to look prettier, at least for her lover. Some felt that the culprit was the age of the singer.

In 38 years, it becomes more difficult to maintain good form, assured fans. Despite all the indignation of subscribers, the gathered over 50 thousand likes.