Fans of “Titanic” I think that the character Leonardo DiCaprio did not exist

This year is a wonderful romantic story directed by James Cameron about the crash of the largest liner of the twentieth century celebrates its 20th anniversary. On Earth, probably there is no man who has not lamented the fact that rose and Jack, who almost lost wreck, not meant to be together… there have Been many checks, could rose and Jack survive, if together climbed on the chip door, which in the film is the main character itself. But today, among fans of this story there is a new theory that is able to shock anyone. According to the new version, which is very active in gaining supporters in the Network, the young artist Jack Dawson is not real person but a figment of the imagination of rose, the heroine of Kate Winslet.

The authors of this theory claim that the heroine, Winslet, who fiercely hated her fiancé cal (Billy Zane), at some point went crazy. It was during this period she got to be the hero Leonardo Di Caprio, i.e., the Roses had a temporary mental disorder, which is characterized by the mixture of the real and imaginary world. She created an imaginary friend who helped her cope with the inner feelings, and subsequent actions during the disaster of the Titanic, and ultimately to stay alive.

Another proof in the direction of this version is the fact that no evidence about the fact that Jack Dawson was on the ship, no. “He lives only in my memory,” says the older rose in the final film.

What do you think, does the right to the existence of this version?

Source: intermedia.ru
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