Fans learned the identity of the secret villain of “Game of Thrones” – 24???

A Reddit user under the nickname abdo0000 theorized about the main villain of the series “Game of thrones”. He believes that the actions of the character, nicknamed Hot Pie completely changed the course of the narrative.

Friend of Arya stark – a Hot – could stop the war in Westeros. He told the girl that her older brother – Jon snow won the “battle of the bastards,” and became the King of the North. If Arya didn’t know about this, she would have continued your way and kill Cersei Lannister, thereby leaving only one candidate on the Iron throne – Daenerys Targaryen.

The effects of the Arya conversation with Patty was the death of one of the dragons of Daenerys and the conclusion of a temporary truce with Cersei. As a result, the King of the Night took control of a dead dragon, which broke down the Wall and brought the white walkers in Westeros.

“Hot cake” | the Game of Thrones Wiki

Recall that the premiere of the last episode of the seventh season of “Game of thrones” took place on 27 August. The first series of the final season of the series will be shown in December 2018.