Fans have created a petition to conduct a forced psychiatric examination Alexei Panin

Sensational disgusting videos with participation of Alexei Panin, even have the rock of old, but are no less shocking. Fans of the artist believe that he has a mental disability, which he cannot raise a daughter. So, they have created a petition to conduct a forced psychiatric examination of the actor, which has already appeared on the website Change.Org.

“Alexey Panin has played in nine dozens of paintings, is the winner of the state prize. His acting talent is not in doubt. But the mental health of the artist are seriously worried about..
If a grown man walks around the city in tights, if it takes off on camera classes in oral sex with another man, and then these entries appear in the universal access, then perhaps he needs urgent psychiatric help..” the petition reads.
The originator of the petition believes that mental problems in Panina began “yesterday”, because of his erratic behavior have long been on everyone’s lips. Begs the question how such a person can grow close to nine-year-old daughter and threatens to do something to her from such a father.
Outraged citizens called to return the mother’s daughter, Julia Yudintseva, ex-wife Panina, and appeal to the guardianship authorities to give a legal assessment of the actions of Alexis.
“Let’s see what takes the example of the artist’s daughter, in which immoral corrupting the environment a child grows! And the Panina should be sent for forced psychiatric evaluation – he could be dangerous” — the document says.
We will remind that Alexey has twice stolen the daughter of Yulia – the first time the NUS was still very small. Then the baby lived in the mother Panina, and even through the court Udintsev are unable to return the child. The second time the kidnapping occurred in 2015. Panin stole a kid just out of school, and after that the girl told him she wanted to live with his father. Julia insisted that during his years in the house of Alexei and his mother, they have set the daughter against her that the NUS refuses to come in. Last month, Alex said that the court listened to the views of the child and allowed his daughter to live with him.

Source: https://dni.ru
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