Fans have accused Amal Clooney of falsifying pregnancy

This summer, Amal and George Clooney to become parents. The actor’s wife is now pregnant with twins and does not hide his interesting position. So, the famous couple appeared on national film “Cesar” in Paris and made a splash. The triumph Amal wore a white Atelier Versace dress embroidered with marabou feathers, which are elegantly underlined its changed shape. Tummy is gradually growing, as Internet users begin to doubt the veracity of the pregnant human rights activist.

The reason for doubt was the paparazzi pictures that have been made in London after the ceremony “Cesar”. In the foggy capital of Amal and George went back almost the same day, only the pregnant woman’s abdomen was not visible.

Of course, most likely, the reason for this was well chosen dress with a bright print which is visually concealed pregnancy. But the fact remains – such a round belly, as the “Cesar” was not visible. Many have decided that Amal uses patch belly, her pregnancy is ordinary falsification and bears children by a surrogate mother.

This theory could be true, because in star circles, this practice is not new. To recall, for example, the first pregnancy of beyoncé. Many still believe that to appear blue ivy into the light helped not a singer, and a strange hired woman.


Source: graziamagazine.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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