Fans felt ashamed of Olga Buzova, clearly Oblesevo flute

Outrageous Olga Buzova surprised their fans. On the “House-2” TV presenter sexy stroked and then licked the flute, which caused a violent reaction of outraged fans.

Presenter “House-2” Olga Buzova again stood out on the project. This time the girl left the fans in shock with his antics.

Walks on the Internet a video in which Buzova did nedvosmisleno motion of the hand around the flute, and then licked his musical instrument. The action star has commented on the second lead of the project. He wrote that it was “a Master class from Olga Buzova”.

After the procedure with the flute she still played her. Fans Buzova from seen was in shock and said that they are ashamed of darling.

Many said that she did it on purpose because he loves popularity and when it is discussed. Recently Buzova been a lot of gossip and conversations that are directly related to her. Sometimes the girl herself makes such things back then weeks people say on the Internet.