Fans discuss the appearance of Ksenia Borodina after plastic surgery

For the life of the leading telestroke “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina in social media following of nearly 9 million people. For its subscribers Ksenia tries to publish the most interesting posts that relate to her personal life, work, leisure. Not so long ago, Borodin was forced national media to talk about themselves with a new force. The fact that the users of the Network and secular observers suspected it in the procedure to change the appearance. In particular, the case concerned the nose leading.

Today Internet users find proof of that.

No, this is not a statement and not help from plastic surgery clinics. It’s much easier – just look at the photos Borodina made in the last days, and all becomes clear.

The subscribers are confident that Borodin had myself shortened the tip of the nose, making it more accurate. Due to this change and shape the nostrils of a TV star.

Fans of the stars “House-2” can’t come to a consensus about whether they like the result of “plastics”. In the comments to photos can be found in equally negative reviews, and enthusiastic. “Cool photoshop nose????????????????””New nose!!) Orru????????????????????????????”, “the Nose is a blueprint…I thought you were more confident… and smarter…”, “to be honest, well with this new nose, the whole face changed of course. No, not terrible, but not the person. Individuality is lost Kushina. After all, nature is smarter,” wrote the user.

Itself Ksenia has not commented on the changes in appearance. And the statement about the fact that she was seen near the clinic of plastic surgery says he went there in order to cure the aching tooth.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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