Fans criticized the ridiculous outfit Nyusha

The singer Nyusha came to visit on the show, Ivan Urgant “Evening Urgant”, said the fans in his Instagram.

The singer posted a picture taken behind the scenes of the program. To show Nyusha wearing a black velour jacket with long sleeves and off the shoulder, classic blue jeans with a high rise and lacquered pumps. The image of the celebrity complements flowing hair.

However, many subscribers the image of the singer is not much, in fact, some didn’t even know favorite artist: “Here you are Katie, Topuri like”, “Sure Katie , one face”, “pictures of completely different people(( what’s with the face?”, “In the photo looks like with the plastic gone too far”, “is not the same beauty. But still the best”, “Katie Tolley, Tolley, Volkov. Where’s Jane?”, “And I eve Longoria recalled”, “the Horror, what of it? Is quite different. Sissified awful. Whether the hair is not it. Nyusha, check yourself, before You were so sweet,” wrote a surprised subscriber.