Fans credited with Alexey Vorobyov new novel

It seems that the artist was fascinated by his longtime girlfriend

Recently the betrayal of the beloved Alexei Vorobyov, seems to have found his soul mate. At least, so say his fans. Recently at the presentation of the musical award 29-year-old singer was seen in the company of TV presenter Veronika Romanova. He gently hugged the girl, then fed behind the scenes the girl with the fork sausage. A group photo of young people appeared in the Stories “Instagram” Veronica.

However, it is known that sparrows and Romanov are familiar and have been friends for a long time. Together they starred in the youth series “Dreams of Alice”, where she played the main role. Followers hope that since now, and Veronica and Alex are free, between friends erupted feelings and began a relationship.

However, the sparrows to the all girls is tenderness. He considers himself a master of the pickup truck, and regularly shares with subscribers the secrets of seduction. He is credited with a lot of novels that is not always true. For example, the previous hearing was about the relationship of Alex and divorced Victoria Deineko, although they are just colleagues.