Fans Buzova did not like the video “Comedy Club”, where the hosts were humiliated star

Olga Buzova has posted a record production of “Comedy Club” with his participation. Fans of the girls did not like the sarcasm of the leading and humiliation Olga.

Today TNT launched a new season of the show “Comedy Club”. This year the project moved to a new location on the ruble, where he carried out the shooting season. In the program the audience is always waiting for surprises, jokes and celebrities. Among the star guests of a humorous project was Olga Buzova — TV presenter is not the first time comes to “Comedy”, becoming the target of jokes from the presenters.

This season Garik Kharlamov and Will Paul did a good job. Leading the program is not just made sarcastic polemics with Olga, comedians especially for Buzova took a parody of one of the clips of the actress and even proposed to open up a project “Will Haluzova”.

Brunette jokes Garik and Paul have not offended. FAQ it published on your page and admitted tender feelings, the humor, the directing Will and Kharlamov the phrase “I Love you.”

But fans in the video reacted ambiguously. Half of the followers appreciated the joke and laughed along with Olga and the other part was feeling a little more skeptical.

“Not funny at all was too much, a wicked sense of humor” I think it’s too much. Not a man so humiliating” “I did not like. You too much humiliated,” the leave comments indignant subscribers.

By the way, for the premiere of the new season, Pavel Volya, Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov and other artists staged a flash mob “12 years later” and decided to show how they have changed during the existence of “Comedy”. The funniest footage can be seen here.