Fans are concerned: in the pursuit of youth Elena Malysheva’s face changed

Heated discussions of the appearance of well-known TV presenter Elena Malysheva began after the photo Irina Slutskaya shared with subscribers in Instagram. Many agreed that in the pursuit of youth Malyshev’s face changed.

Famous figure skater, Olympic medalist Irina Slutskaya on the eve crossed with the famous TV presenter and well – known doctor Elena Malysheva. Slutskaya issued a joint photo with the star of the First channel on his page in Instagram. On the photo Irina looks beautiful and natural, but Elena Malysheva is not similar to itself. The expression on the face of the presenter has changed dramatically, and subscribers believe Malysheva clearly went too far in their quest to look younger.

And Irina and Elena pictures demonstrate all your optimism is a sincere smile. However, subscribers of the publication, drew attention to the slightly strange facial expression of the presenter. If a skater Slutskaya looks quite normal and natural, that Malyshev is not even possible to learn on photography. The expression well-known TV presenter has really changed. I can’t say what has changed for the worse – Malyshev has simply become unlike itself.

Naturally, the changes in appearance as a recognizable person, it is hard not to notice, because the presenter know the millions of viewers of the First channel. In the comments under the members just said that the lead is now unrecognizable.

Many followers have suggested that Malysheva uses the so-called “beauty injections” – Botox. Other subscribers are sure she went too far with facelifts. In any case, the opinions of fans agreed that Malysheva has changed so in the pursuit of the desire to look younger. Itself Elena Malysheva has not commented on the changes in appearance.