Fan Justin Timberlake gave the singer a slap in the face

Unexpected slap in the face ended with the famous American singer Justin Timberlake meeting with a fan. The actor visited the Golf tournament, which was held in Tahoe, and there are one of the fans decided to touch the star, but did it so clumsily (or intentionally), which slammed celebrity in the face.

Of course, maybe this happened by accident, but now everyone says only that Timberlake slapped in the face and live with this embarrassment is already in the network. Judging by the reaction of Justin, he really didn’t like (and who would?). He figured out who did it and asked him why he did it. Not having clear explanations, an artist with assistants left.

Present there are guards persistently asked the man that hit Justin, to depart and not to appear in the tournament. It turned out that he, moreover, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Because to voluntarily leave the Golf course the jerk didn’t had a police officer deliver him to the police station, arrested for aggressive behavior.

Source: http://mashable.com
Photo: http://mashable.com

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