Famous accessory of Britney Spears, whom she beat photographer for sale

Do you remember that “wonderful” time when it seemed that Britney Spears went crazy? The pop Princess broke up with the father of her children Kevin Federlayna because of his constant cheating, addicted to alcohol and illicit drugs, committed acts for which she could take the children. By the way, at that time the sons lived with the father.

To endure this Britney did not. She wanted to regain her babies, because with the support of his girlfriend, went to the house of the former husband. Britney struggled for a long time at the door, knocked and called, but nobody came.

Of course, anger Spears in that moment knew no bounds, because as soon as she was in an open area (which was filling), the singer began to destroy everything around with the help of a walking-stick. The trigger in this case was the photographer who tried to take Spears in the car while her friend was paying for the petrol.

I felt Britney at the moment difficult to understand. But the force of his blow, she managed to show the photographer and his car 2002 Ford Explorer.

Now the same photographer who suffered from green umbrella, put the item in the auction.

The man claims he didn’t want to soil the honor of the stars. Its goal is the money spent on charity. The paparazzi have not yet voiced the final cost of the umbrella, but op to experts, the price will not be less than 100 thousand dollars.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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