Family ritual at the waning moon from Elena Yasevich: attract harmony, happiness and prosperity

Harmony and happiness in family are the key to good relations and prosperity. To your life no place for failures, use proven ritual from Elena Yasevich.

Every ritual performed by you, must be underpinned by confidence in their own abilities. Elena Yasevich recommends them alone, focusing on the desired. This ritual is simple in execution, but thanks to timing and your energy it will be a good help in restoring family harmony and prosperity to your family.

Family ritual for happiness and prosperity

Select any day to match the phase of the waning moon, and prepare the following items: autumn leaves (choose the brightest, without severe damage), autumn fruit and vegetables (apples, carrots, beets, peaches, grapes), photos of all family members, small pebbles (it is desirable without strongly protruding corners), blue candles.

On a beautiful tray or on the table covered with green cloth, spread the fruit around a place photos and four corners of the tray place a piece of paper. They put the stones and place candles.

Laying out items, try to think about your family. Myself pronounce that your family stands firmly on his feet, friendly, all the family members trust each other, ready to help at any moment. You can tell any wishes of tuning in the ritual.

Light the candles and burn on each sheet, saying what you would like to get rid of. It could be quarrels, scandals, failures, lack of finances in the family budget, illness and loss. The vibration of sound, painted with strong emotions, will help you realize what you want in life.

Leave the candles to burn out, peering into the flames and continue to speak what’s on your mind. As soon as they go out, gather them and throw away from the house. The stones put on the four sides of your home to guard your family peace. A tray of vegetables and fruit, leave overnight, and the next day eat them with his family, leaving nothing.

That failure did not stay at your home, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend from time to time, to do the energy cleansing of the room in which you live. Maintain your family home clean and create a cozy atmosphere in which there is no place for disappointments and pain. Never, under any circumstances, do not swear at home, that negative vibration is not superseded by the positive energy.