Family man Eddie Murphy refused to help the civil wife

55-year-old actor Eddie Murphy for his life is the real wealth and the question now is not about the material things.

The actor is the father of nine children, born to different women (married to wife Nicole, with whom lived for 13 years, were born only five. Bria is now 26 years old, miles is 23 years, Cheyenne — 21, Ash — 16, Belle — 14. Two oldest sons, Eric and Christian, which has produced two girlfriends Murphy, now 27 and 25, respectively.)

Extreme child Eddie (don’t say “latest” because it may not be the ultimate dream) came to light three months ago. Eddie and his civil wife Paige butcher daughter Izzy. Now she demands to itself huge attention that her mother struggles with, given the fact that the family has another kid. But unfortunately for Paige, to help her famous husband can not count.

Murphy withdrew from family concerns and be sure that favorite perfectly copes with everything by herself: “Paige doesn’t need to, she’s a wonderful mother, and is perfectly able to handle myself!” he said. And added, undeterred: “of Course, I’m not changing diapers! I have it wouldn’t be good. So why torture the kid?”

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: bublik.delfi.ee

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