Family drowned in the pool demi Moore men sued

Relatives of Adelson Stephen Valle, a young man whose body was found in the pool house demi Moore, can’t accept the loss and prepare the claim in court. Recall that at the time of the tragedy nor the most Hollywood actress, nor any of her three daughters was not at home.

A party at the home of Moore was organized by the building Manager lenny Hernandez. 21-year-old boy came to the party, and, according to witnesses, he warned the audience that does not know how to swim. With it and with the business Manager Bessie Wong Manager of the trust demi Moore Moore’s Tree House Trust.
“Lenny Hernandez organized a party with alcohol and did not care about the safety of guests vacationing by the pool” reads the lawsuit.
Eyewitnesses claimed that Valle searched for fifteen minutes before he was found drowned in the pool. It happened at 5:15 am. The guy immediately pulled out of the water and began to hold him CPR, but paramedics who arrived within the next fifteen minutes, only verified death. The coroner called it an accident.
Arrived home Moore also was very distressed about the incident and expressed its condolences to the family of the deceased. Now relatives Vallee require financial compensation for his death. Hearings are scheduled for April this year.

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